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Published: 27th July 2016

Format: Paperback

Edition: 1st Edition

Extent: 126 in Paperback

ISBN:  987-1-326-72068-1

Imprint: Aranon Publishing

Dimensions: 10.8cm X 17.48m

RRP: £ 6.99

Online Price: £ 6.99

About this book

This series of books written by Tudorbeth explores and explains the occult transformations that exist between and within the seasons.

Embrace the magic and the miracles that unfold within the Earth this book takes us on a journey of discovery into the world of seasonal magic. Overflowing with rituals, spells, recipes and traditional customs this books how how to celebrate the colourful and bewitching changes that Summer brings.

The author also unveils the myths and stories of the gods and clearly explains the correspondences with the trees, plants, colours, days, oils and crystals. Expand your knowledge of the dieties, gods and supernatural beings and learn about the magic and divination practises of Summer.



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Seasons, Spells and Magic - SUMMER

By: Tudorbeth

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