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Published: 1st July 2016

Format: Paperback, EPUB and MOBI (Kindle)

Edition: 1st Edition

Extent: 266 in Paperback

ISBN:   8781326740078

Imprint: Aranon Publishing

Dimensions: 4.25cm X 6.88cm

RRP: £12.95

Online Price: £12.95

About this book

Insightful, funny and oh so true...

This first book in a forthcoming series by S. L. Coyne provides a fascinating insight into many characters that we all experience in our relationships, at work, at home and in our social lives.

Find some of your own friends, family and colleagues within the pages of this book but most of all LEARN how to deal with the toxic relationships that frustrate, challenge and drain your emotional energy every day!


If you answered yes to any of these, chances are that you are in a toxic relationship. There are many different types of people who can make your life a living hell so why not do something to change that? IN this book you will discover 99 ways to identify these toxic individuals, deal with them and rid yourself of their influence and intrusion into your life.

This book accompanies the Assertiveness Course which can be found online through Aranon Publishing



EPUB (e-book)


£ 12.95



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99 Ways To Rid Yourself Of Toxic Relationships

From Colleagues to Friends and General F**kwitts

By: S. L. Coyne

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